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Understanding Software or software is one important component in the computer. Simply put, the notion of software is data that has been programmed and stored digitally but not physically visible but is inside a computer. This software can be a program to run commands through this software so the computer can operate.

Software also has an important role on the computer, because with the software hardware can be driven or controlled properly. This software is made using a programming language that was created and written by a programmer which is then compiled by an application called a compiler to be a code that can be recognized by the hardware.

Types of software on computers

1. Freeware

Ie a free software that can be used without any time limit, in general this freeware is donated to several communities, but freeware also has the rights of developers and controllers in the development of subsequent applications. But if the application developer stops developing the product to another freeware or announces that the freeware can be developed together, the freeware will provide the source code.

2. Shareware

It is a software that has been tested for free but with limited features such as availability, functionality, and convenience which unfortunately cannot be utilized optimally. This trial software aims to introduce the software as a marketing strategy in developing the shareware application itself. Shareware is often called trialware.

3. Firmware

Namely a software that is located in the ROM (Read Only Memory). This firmware cannot be changed even though it has no electricity, and the storage can not be changed in ROM but can still be modified depending on the type of ROM such as EEPROM or flashROM. All that can still be changed according to their needs.

4. Commercial software

That is software used for commercial purposes that can be purchased to software developers, distributors and fellow software developers. But the conditions, users of this software cannot distribute the software or redistribute the software to other parties for free or without the publisher’s permission. Some examples of commercial software are Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Microsoft Visual NET, and so on. The commercial software is protected by copyright law.

5. Free software

Is a type of software that can be manipulated freely and can be used, copied, modified and modified with several conditions that can be reused by subsequent users. Anyone who uses this software freely can commercialize and take advantage of the distribution and modification of the source code. In addition, this software can also be distributed for free.

6. Open source software

It is software whose source code can be learned, modified, improved, and also distributed. Because the nature of this software is open, so the development carried out by an open community or group can develop software with open source.

7. Malware

Malware is one software that was created to damage a system on a computer and a computer network but without the permission of the owner. Another word of this malware is a computer virus, the types of devices contained in this computer virus are Trojan horses, advertising devices, computer worms, rootkits, and other malicious software.

Software Functions

Software Functions in General

1. Providing basic functions for computer needs which are further divided into operating systems or only support systems.
2. Arrange a variety of hardware so that it can work together.
3. As a link between other software and hardware.
4. As another software translator in the instructions into machine language so that it can be accepted by the hardware.
5. As a program identifier.

Software Example

Examples of Software (Software) Available on a Computer:

1. Google chrome (functions to enter online networks / internet networks)
2. Mozilla firefox (function to enter the online network).
3. Microsoft office word (its function is to edit or type a document).
4. Microsoft office PowerPoint (its function is to make a presentation, make a video, edit photos, etc.).
5.Microsoft Excel (functions more or less the same as Microsoft Word for creating or editing a document).
6.Format factory (its function is to change the format of photos, videos or music / songs).
7.VCL media player (function to play videos / movies).
8. AIMP3 (function to play music / songs).
9.Faststone capture (its function is to change, edit, or crop the image).
10.Recyle bin (function to view or retrieve files that have been deleted).
11. Corel Draw (functions to create, edit and create images).
12. Photoshop (its function is to edit photos / images).
13. Mini Opera (function to enter online networks / internet networks).
14.Java (its function is to search for applications or games).
15.Cleaner (its function is to clean or delete unnecessary data).

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